The Website and Social Media Sub-Committees are currently collaborating to increase efficiency in the communication endeavors of AUCCCO. One of our goals this year is to enrich the member experience by offering new ways to stay connected. Our annual conferences provides unique opportunities to network and learn from one another and our hope is to continue that in some way all year long. If you are already a member, please check out the AUCCCO Blog tab on the AUCCCO home page and add your voice to the discussion thread!  

Social Media Sub-Committee

Statement of Purpose

To create and manage relevant social media formats for the association.  The Sub-Committee on Social Media supports AUCCCO’s “broad understanding of outreach, prevention and education services based on the assumption that outreach must extend the expertise of counseling centers to the larger campus community.” Through development of social media formats, the committee can engage in sharing of useful and innovative mediums of mental health information and programming with the outreach community.  In turn the individual members and member institutions can utilize what is offered either directly or adaptively. The intention of the committee is also to model the practice of posting dynamic and interactive content in multiple social media platforms, within appropriate guidelines of a counseling center’s ethical considerations.  The use of social media can also contribute to the outcome of responding to and honoring “perspectives that address the intersection of multiple social identities, promote social justice, and celebrate diversity in all its forms.”  AUCCCO social media may also provide a safe space for members to stay connected in mediums that are most current and ever changing.

Website Sub-Committee

Statement of Purpose

The purpose of the AUCCCO Website Sub-Committee (WSC) is to maintain a website that represents the organization in its entirety.  We do this by maintaining, updating, and advancing the public and members resource sites.  The WSC stays current on website trends and outreach needs of members and viewers of the site.  WSC members maintain a close connection with the AUCCCO Board and other sub-committees to assure the information posted on the site is accurate and helpful to further the mission and goals of AUCCCO.  The WSC seeks to advance the utility and helpfulness of the sites, and promote benefits to increase usage of both sites. 


Becca Rampe, Psy.D. LP HSP-P - Staff Psychologist-Outreach Coordinator at the University of North Carolina Wilmington

Harry Warner, MA, LPCC-S - The Ohio State University


Ed Huebner - University of Michigan

Nicole EvansUniversity of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

The Association For University and College Counseling Center Outreach
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