Mentorship Sub-Committee

Statement of Purpose

The Sub-Committee on Mentorship supports AUCCCO’s goals of creating opportunities for AUCCCO members to feel more connected to the Association, more supported in their outreach administrative roles, to advocate for outreach professionals in our field, and to increase diversity within outreach administration. Through the AUCCCO Mentorship Program, AUCCCO members are paired up with a mentor who has experience in a particular area of interest or growth throughout the course of an academic year. These pairs work together to reach learning and administrative goals while also having access to increased support and resources from the Mentorship Program. These mentorship relationships serve as an opportunity for AUCCCO members to have a more individualized experience and to strengthen and enhance their outreach skills by offering their guidance, support and expertise, as well as gain knowledge and direction from each other.

Through our New Member or First Timers focus, we also work to welcome and connect outreach professionals to the Association, our community, and our resources. Networking and collaboration are important components of this organization, and this sub-committee works to allow members to get an inclusive, specific, and individualized experience at AUCCCO to enhance and empower them as outreach professionals.


  • Kelly Greco:

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