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  • 31 Aug 2017 5:12 PM | Rebecca "Becca" McConn

    AUCCCO Blog

    Membership Benefits Beyond the Basics

    Welcome to the first AUCCCO Blog post! I wanted to take some time and highlight the mission, history, and membership benefits while sharing my relationship to AUCCCO. The Association for University and College Counseling Center Outreach (AUCCCO), is a national organization of counseling center professionals who are passionate about outreach. The mission of the AUCCCO is to assist professionals involved in the leadership of outreach, consultation, and campus community interventions. AUCCCO provides opportunities for networking, professional identity development, idea exchange and creating standards for quality outreach services. AUCCCO promotes a broad understanding of outreach, prevention and education services based on the assumption that outreach must extend the expertise of counseling centers to the larger campus community. AUCCCO recognizes that, as the campus climate has a profound influence on students’ lives, outreach services must be informed by perspectives that address the intersection of multiple social identities, promote social justice, and celebrate diversity in all its forms.

    My institution (UNCW) was a member of AUCCCO for a few years before my arrival. I am lucky that the UNCW Counseling Center values supporting such organizations for myself and the center as a whole. I first attended the AUCCCO conference in 2013 at the University of Florida. I had been in the outreach coordinator role for less than a year but it had certainly been a challenging year. You see when I arrived at UNCW, we were doing very little outreach with very little excitement around it so with someone coming in from internship with that continued excitement and energy, it was hard to know how to approach this new situation I found myself in. Words cannot truly express how validating my first conference experience was for me. I felt as if I had found a group of like minded professionals who were speaking my language and my words before I ever had to. I was hooked! I slowly became more involved and engaged on the listserve, joined the social media subcommittee, presented a showcase and presentation, and this year became a member of the board of directors.  Now the entire center is connected with AUCCCO through our involvement in membership with staff asking for member’s only content items and ideas. This organization has more membership perks for me as a professional than any group I have ever joined. The impact on my center and the changes we have made with the support/ideas/relationships of AUCCCO will forever be appreciated.

    In case I have not convinced you of all the wonderfulness of this organization, here are some additional perks of being a member of AUCCCO that go beyond list-serve engagement:

    ·         Access to member only content through member resource sharing which includes presentations, sample policy statements, helpful handouts and more!

    ·         The Mentorship Program is a mentor/consultation program that provides an opportunity for members to further their connection with fellow outreach professionals at other universities.

    ·         We offer opportunities to be on AUCCCO Sub-Committees, run for Board of Director positions, write blog posts, and host a conference.

    ·         Enjoy reduced conference fees!

    ·         Provide members opportunities to stay current on national standards of practice in the field within work in higher education, college counseling and outreach.

    ·         Members contribute to an emerging specialty within college counseling center work.

    ·         Professional identification and formal connection to a larger body of counseling center outreach professionals while gaining professional development support.

    You may be thinking, but what am I paying for? Your membership fee will go towards:

    ·         Keeping conference registration fees low

    ·         Conference registration waiver/hardship allocation dispensation

    ·         Possible Innovative Outreach Idea Award

    ·         Keynote honorarium for annual conference

    ·         Support for conference hosting institution

    ·         Website and technology support

    ·         Advertising/marketing materials

    ·         Bank/credit card fees

    ·         Non-profit/tax-exempt status application fees

    Thank you for reading our first blog post! Have an idea for a blog? Reach out to the AUCCCO Communications Sub-Committee.

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