2017 Conference Presentations (Ann Arbor)

Presentations will be added as they are submitted by presenters.  Please keep checking back for updates.

No Boring Presentations: Harnessing Millennial Energy in Peer Education
Jessica Magallanes, Psy.D. and Jasmine Buck, B.A. - California State University, Chico

Sex, Drugs & Rock ‘n Roll: An innovative approach to Rock Out!Reach on alcohol/drug use and sexual violence
Chris Meno, Ph.D., Debbie Melloan, M.S. and Ann Skirvin, M.S. - Indiana University

Expanding the Use of Social Media in a College Counseling Center
Melissa Schultz, Ph.D. - Miami University

Trailblazers: Imposture Syndrome and Self Care for Pioneers
Meag-gan Walters, Ph.D. - Stanford University

Supporting the Socioemotional Development of College Students on the Autism Spectrum with Outreach
Ann Diamond, Psy.D. - Roosevelt University

Collegiate Stressors and What to Do with Them
Aubrey Dawn Palmer, B.A. - Brigham Young University

Remixing Red Watch Band - Using Student Leaders to Change a Culture”
Kerri Mahoney, MPH - Stony Brook University

Do Something: Stop Student Suicide
Jamye Banks, Ph.D. - University of Michigan

Islamophobia on College Campuses
Engin Ege, Ph.D. - Virginia Commonwealth University

Introducing The RAT Packs Sophomore Release: Presenting the second year of the National Outreach Survey data findings
Teresa Michaelson-Chmelir, Ph.D., University of Central Florida, Forrest Seymour, MSW, LICSW, Keene State College and Chris Meno, Ph.D., Indiana University

Creating Inclusive and Accessible Outreach Utilizing Universal Design
Christy Hutton, Ph.D. and Ashley Brickley, M.A.E. University of Missouri

International Student Outreach from A Social Justice Perspective/ Outreach with international students in the current political climate
Yuhong He, Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania, Shraddha Niphadkar, Ph.D., University of Missouri-Columbia and Tong-An “Fred” Shueh, Ph.D., Miami University

Let’s Talk Rocks the Outreach Charts: The Journey
Sharon Mier, Psy.D., Private Practice, Matthew S. Boone, LCSW, University of Arkansas at Little Rock, Wai-Kwong Wong, Ph.D., Cornell University, Sudha Wadhwani, Psy.D., Montclair State University, Robin McAleese, MS, CAS, LMHC SUNY Oswego, Erica Weathers, LICSW, Mount Holyoke College and Megan M. Marks, Ph.D., University of Kentucky

Rock Around the Workshop: Establishing a sustainable and impactful psychoeducational program
Harry Warner, M.A. - The Ohio State University

Discovering USA: A Success story of Outreach Program for International Students
Qianhui Zhang, Ph.D. and Monika Gutkowska, Psy.D, CGP - Northwestern University

Reaching in to Reach Out: Creating a Mechanism for Providing Culturally Responsive Care
Brandi Pritchett-Johnson, Ph.D., The Diane Morgan Group, Zully Rivera-Ramos, Ph.D., University of Florida and Gizem Toska, Ph.D., University of Florida

Rock Your Body Positive: Amplifying and Remixing Eating Disorder Outreach
Patricia Y. O'Malley, Psy.D. - University of Michigan

When who you are matters: Responding to social identity based outreach requests
Batsirai Bvunzawabaya, Ph.D., Matthew Poon, Psy.D., Soumya Madabhushi, Ph.D. and Yuhong He, Ph.D. - University of Pennsylvania

Student Perspectives on Mental Health: A Public Health Collaboration
Jennie L. Bingham, Ph.D., Cheryl L. Garn, Ph.D., AliceAnn Crandall, Ph.D., MPH, Jonathan C. Cox, Ph.D. and Taylor McLean, (B.S. candidate), Sydney Gibbons, (B.S. candidate) - Brigham Young University

Absolute Beginners: Cal Lutheran’s New Release
Beth Turner, Psy.D. - California Lutheran University

The Greatest Hits (and Misses) Collection: A 10-Year Retrospective of One Director’s Efforts to Inspire and Innovate Outreach since the First Conference in Ann Arbor (with a critique from a staff member)
Brian Quigley, Ph.D. and Forrest Seymour, MSW, LICSW - Keene State College

You say you want a revolution: A proposed model for training faculty on responding to student needs in times of political and community-based bias and violence
Erica Lennon, Psy.D. - University of North Carolina at Charlotte

Rocking Social Media: Tips and Tricks for Increasing Your Social Media Presence Without Increasing Your Efforts
Nichole Evans, M.A. and Elora Orazio, MPH, CHES - University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Ally, Activist, or Advocate?: Challenges & Opportunities in Social Justice Outreach(combined presentation)
Sudha Wadhwani, Psy.D., Montclair State University, Priti Shah, Ph.D., Seton Hall University, Batsirai Bvunzawabaya, Ph.D. and Marian Reiff, LCSW, Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania

Amplify your Outreach: Utilizing Social Media to Increase Impact
Mishelle Rodriguez, Ph.D. - University of Michigan

Greek Life Rocks
Rebecca McConn, Psy.D., University of North Carolina Wilmington and Kelly Greco, Psy.D., - University of Southern California

Increasing Positive Mental Health Outcomes through a Certificate Series
LeAnna Rice, M.A. - Jed Foundation Campus Advisor

Roundtable: Hosted by AUCCCO Sub-Committee on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Jamming with Other Rock Stars on Campus: A multi-disciplinary approach to affect culture change in a campus community
Tom Golightly, Ph.D., Julie Valentine, Ph.D. and Kara Cattani, Ph.D. - Brigham Young University

Producing the Empathy Revolution: Bringing Narrative 4 to College
Erin Cox, Psy.D. and Amanda Waters, Ph.D. - University of Connecticut

Outreach Campaigning and Campus Collaboration: Utilizing Primary Prevention to Increase Resilience
Suzie Stadelman, M.S., Eric Garcia, M.S. (Ph.D. candidate) and Egg Guo, (B.S. candidate) - University of Oregon


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