Research and Assessment Team Sub-Committee

The committee will identify best practices, foster discussion and disseminate information for outreach related research and assessment, as well as lead and review the AUCCCO annual survey. The committee will stay current on the research and assessment needs of members and in the field of collegiate mental health outreach. Additionally, the committee will maintain a close connection with the AUCCCO Board and other sub-committees to assure the needs of the association around research and assessment are being met and help further the mission and goals of AUCCCO.



     Teresa Michaelson: Embry Riddle Aeronautical University -

    Marian Reiff: University of Pennsylvania -

    Jenni Thome: Illinois State University -

    Amanda Ramirez: Portland State University -

    Proposal for University and College Counseling Center Outreach Manual – Call for collaboration

    Articulating Outreach

    The AUCCCO Research and Assessment Team is excited to announce an initiative to establish a manual to guide and inform Outreach at University and College Counseling Centers.


    Outreach efforts within UCCCs continue to evolve. Providing a common definition of outreach can be elusive, due to it often being predicated on center resources, leadership, size, mission, and overall scope of practice. However, when we look at the contributions of previous generations, we can begin to expand on the current definition of Outreach. The legacy of AUCCCO reflects and continues these contributions. A manual for Outreach will:

    ·         Establish framework for Outreach.

    ·         Foster creativity on campuses and through the profession.

    ·         Establish a common language.

    ·         Describe the importance and role of Outreach to counseling centers and campus communities. 

    ·         Provide opportunities for contributors to shape our work.

    Structure and Framework for Manual

    A guiding function of this manual will be to offer an organizing framework for Outreach. Ideally, this manual will inform and guide various Outreach professionals including individual contributors, coordinators, and administrators. The target audience for Outreach varies among students, faculty, staff, families, and broader communities. This manual will provide an overview of the functions and corresponding goals of counseling center outreach, inherently helping to elaborate on what UCC Outreach is and how it can affect your center and campus community. Additional aspects include:

    ·         A Social Justice lens integrated throughout.

    ·         Evaluation and assessment as a means of describing data driven approaches to Outreach.  

    ·         Attention to a range in size of UCCs.  

    Ways to Join or Contribute

    There are two ways to be a part of this effort. First, you can join the group steering this project. Second, you may serve as an individual contributor or consultant. In any case, every person who contributes or consults will be credited appropriately. Please reach out to any of the current committee members for more information!

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