DEI Session

Title: Challenges and Opportunities of DEI work in University and College Counseling Centers


Shawn Blue, Psy.D.
Thomas Jefferson University

Diversity, equity and inclusion endeavors requires navigation of a number of factors within university and college counseling centers.  Addressing the needs of marginalized students continues to be a priority and has only increased since the recent pandemic.  Focusing on the needs of marginalized students groups poses challenges on the multiple settings of student matriculation (PWI’s, HBCU’s, HSI, AANAPISI, ANNH, MSI, NASNTI).  This presentation will discuss the multiple challenges that outreachers who engage in DEI focused outreach face as well as the many opportunities this work provides. 

Learning Objectives:

  1. Discuss the challenges outreachers face when engaging in DEI work
  2. Examine the various challenges and opportunities on different university and college counseling center
  3. Apply self-care principles to enhance personal, emotional and physical well-being

The Association For University and College Counseling Center Outreach
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