Becoming A Board Member

Thank you for your interest in becoming a member of the AUCCCO Board of Directors. It is an exciting opportunity to be a part of a team that leads a growing, national organization.

The election will take place by online ballot which will be open for a week beginning at the conference.  If interested in running for a Board position, please see the information below regarding declaring your candidacy. 

General Election Process

1.      Have a conversation with your director about the time and financial commitments associated with a position.  A description explaining the board member activities in more detail can be found here.  As the organization grows, we intend to prioritize board member funding, however, we are not able to do so at this time.  Please contact myself or Teresa Michaelson if we can provide additional information or answer questions re: this conversation with your director.

2.      Be sure that your school is a current member of AUCCCO – only nominees from active member institutions, in good standing with the organization will be considered - .

3.      Upon receiving approval from your director, declare your candidacy and intention to run by emailing one of the Executive Committee members:

4.      You will then have until May 18th to submit your CV and a brief statement of interest (no more than 350 words) including relevant biographical experience with outreach, and thoughts about future potential directions of AUCCCO.   This statement, along with a picture of yourself, should be sent to myself or Teresa for review by the Executive Committee.  The Executive Committee will verify that potential candidates meet the appropriate membership criteria, and notify candidates who will be included in the general-election by June 1st.  Once verified, the statements of interest & candidate photos will be distributed to the membership and nominees who acquire the highest number of votes in the election will be elected to the board.  Please refer to the bylaws under Article IV.D for additional information. 

5.      Network, Network, Network!  While at the conference, candidates are encouraged to talk with members about their interest in being on the board, and what they hope to accomplish if elected to a board position.  Information will also be posted on the website, listserv, & social media. 

Thank you for considering a position on the Board of Directors – it is a wonderful opportunity to be part of a team whose goal is to further the mission of AUCCCO!  Please reach out with any questions along the way. 


Deidre Weathersby, Ph.D.
President, AUCCCO

Description of Board Member Activities

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